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According to the Hong Kong Companies Ordinance, annual statutory audits are required for all companies incorporated in Hong Kong for submission in the annual meeting to let shareholders review, and for submission in the profits tax assessment required by the Inland Revenue Department within a certain time frame.

Statutory Audit

Every company registered in Hong Kong must have its financial accounts audited by auditors registered under the Professional Accountants Ordinance (PAO) annually. For newly incorporated private companies, the first set of audited accounts should be laid before shareholders at the AGM within 9 months (6 months for other companies) after its financial year-end. Subsequent AGMs should be held not more than 15 months apart. There is no mandatory year-end date for Hong Kong companies, but 31 March and 31 December are the more common ones.

Special Audit

Apart from the annual statutory audit, special audit on financial statements of the company is required in one of the following situations in order to protect the interests of the shareholders:

  1. Investigation on management misconduct;
  2. Sales of business(es) and related valuation;
  3. Merger & acquisition or listing; and
  4. Reporting on operation efficiency and management performance.

Assurance Engagements other than Audit

Occasionally, Government-organized projects and schemes like those of Innovation and Technology Fund (“ITF”) will require companies to submit their Annual Reports with assurance engaged by Certified Public Accountants with practicing certificate. If your company is looking for such assurance service, our valuable experience shall help you.


We provide free preliminary consultancy services and assessments. Quotation will be provided after preliminary assessment depending on the company’s situation and the scope of services required.