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17th May 2022


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PBC (“Prepared By Client”)/Supporting Schedule Development

For many organizations, the word “auditor” implies burden and trouble; however, the audit process can be unimaginably smooth and painless if you and your staff are well educated and prepared for it.

Under most circumstances, auditors will present a Prepared By Client (PBC) list before the commencement of their fieldwork listing documents they would like to obtain preliminarily.

It is the responsibility of the audit client to prepare and provide ALL the requested items on the PBC list in accordance with the audit timeline. However, occasionally, the staff of the audit client may not have sufficient ability or time to do so.

ALE assists clients in all aspects of the PBC (“Prepared By Client”)/Supporting Schedule Development process and acts as a liaison between management and external firms. We review accounting records of complex transactions to ensure compliance with technical rules and regulations, prepare schedules and calculations requested by the auditors and communicate any difficulties or issues encountered promptly to the parties concerned. We had been working with numerous firms specializing in statutory audit of small-to-medium enterprises, facilitating our understandings of their audit procedures and requirements, thus enabling us to streamline the overall testing process, and saves time and fees for our clients .