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27th June 2022


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Due Diligence

We have been involved in a wide range of due diligence activities, providing integrated services, which combine financial diligence and commercial and operational reviews, to our clients.

Our integrated due diligence approach delivers  efficiently a number of apparent benefits to our cilents:

A comprehensive and consistent set of results

An easy-to-use report which can seamlessly fit into their investment evaluation processes

A reduced project management effort, and therefore greater focus on the deal at stake

Financial Due Diligence

Perform initial non-assessing review

Evaluate the entire set of financial statements

Identify cost-saving opportunities

Assess companies’ prospects

Tax Due Diligence

Identify and seize opportunities of tax efficiency

Evaluate and manage tax risk

Optimise tax structure of the deal

Commercial Due Diligence

Evaluate market size and growth rate

Understand business model of key competitors

Assess profitability drivers

Review projections and business models

Benchmark the sales and market share against competitors

Conduct regulatory review

Operational Due Diligence

Analyse the value chain

Assess viability of the transactions

Assess transactions’ risks

Evaluate synergies

IT Due Diligence

Identify merger issues upon IT operation and technology

Plan for an integration of IT systems

Assess legacy IT systems

Consultancy upon transition plannings, project managements, IT organisations and staffing